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My name is Charlie (like you haven't worked that out!). I'm 12 years old and live in Sydney, Australia. I'm a Ragdoll puss cat and have a very laid back temperament when I'm with people I know. My favourite colour is green (grass is green and I like to eat it!), my favourite food is fish and I lurve cuddles of any description. I flop over when me Mudda says "flip flop" and I know what "breaky time" means! Breaky can be at any time of the day or night and can also occur multiple times a day! Yummo! My fur is soft as silk and I'm a bed hog! That's about it!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Well, I have only one thing to say........I have very smart furiends!
You were right! Yesterday's photo was of ma soft tummy furs!
Who wants a snorgle?
 Free for a limited time! MOL!
Michael - seriously? Romney Marsh have wool, not furs!
They are sheeps, not puss cats!  I'll explain it to you one day!


  1. Well, it's probably safe for us to have a snorgle now that you've had your claws clipped, isn't it? Yaaaaay. I'm going to take a deep breath and dive in. Here I come, ready or not!

    Sydney, Australia

  2. Hmmmmmm- very interesting!
    The waiting is over!


  3. I was having an each-way bet Charlie - fur or fleece. Maybe your mudda could shear you after Winter and go into the spinning and knitting business - Charlie's puss-knits? Might help to defray the cost of your expensive toys and habits.

  4. One, Two, Three - right let's dive in.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. Looking quite pleased with yourself there Charliepuss. Have a great Wednesday!

    The Paw Relations

  6. Haha! Nós acertamos... agora é hora de snorgle!

  7. There's going to be a lot of tummy snorgling!

  8. Very floofy tummy you gots there!!

  9. Dear Charliepuss, I would like to snorgle as much as possible, but I'm afraid that once I start, I may not be able to stop!

  10. there's nothing cuter than kitty tummies! Unless it's said kitty sleeping with the head turned upside down!

  11. The mom says that tummy of yours needs a good snorgling, Charlie.

  12. You gorgeous beauty! I am so happy to meet you. xoxox

  13. You look just lovely under the sunshine having your sunbath~!!
    Have a great dream~